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About the Directors

Directors from Chrawnna Corp., Parachains, dApps and other projects within the ecosystem who guide the server and hand out bounties

Jay Chrawnna

Early ChaosDAO member and founder of Chrawnna Corp. which endeavours to spread the story of Dotsama far and wide. Original content is delivered through The Kusamarian, a media outlet distributing on YouTube and Twitter. WagMedia was created to decentralize the story of Dotsama by fostering growth of other points of view.


A Dotsama native and intimately intertwined in the ecosystem. Creating original content for The Kusamarian in coordination with the chad above. A RMRK ambassador and working for RMRK to create content for the official YouTube through Alpha Airdrop. Core team with a focus on Business Development and Marketing at Neon Crisis NFT. Behind the scenes at various initiatives with the aim to help Dotsama grow


Pnin is a futurist, with professional backgrounds in media, writing, and arts. He began his crypto research and investing in 2016, and moved into content creation in 2017. After leading a crypto content creation team as treasurer, editor, and director for three years, and moderating for both a crypto lending/borrowing platform as well as a DAG-based Layer 1, NFTs became the next frontier of study. Many NFT mistakes through 2021 forced fast learning. Eventually, as an early investor in Dotsama and devoted follower of WagMedia, Pnin began creating content for Dotsama, sharing many of the hard lessons learned around DeFi, and, NFTs in particular. He now serves as the script writer for Kusamarian content on topics related to NFTs and Metaverse and is Wag Media's Director of NFT and Metaverse Content Creation. He is also the lore writer for Neon Crisis, and a member of Metamorph Consulting. Subsocial: https://app.subsocial.network/5892


I started my Crypto journey from 2021. I am a member of the Kusama Kingdom. I started as a lurker at WagMedia and then became a finder but right now I am more interested to write original contents about any Dotsama topic. As a Director my main responsibility is to manage the WagMedia twitter handle. Also I hand out the top twitter post bounties at 🐦│wagmedia-twitter.


Finder of random DotSama news, and whale holder of DOTTERwags
NFTs for somehow constantly being the weekly top finder of news within WagMedia. It was pure fate that last December whilst watching the caster of DotSama news (Jay Chrawnna), I find a secret discord link. Went down that Wagit hole and now find myself directing (cultivating & awarding) the community for finding DotSama news. Have created a few content articles myself, and now hold the current responsibility as editor of the captivating “WagMedia Weekly” based on all the news & content going through WagMedia.


My interest in crypto began in late 2020. I found WagMedia and joined it as a place to create content and meet a new community. My focus is to expand our Defi content channel, but I’ll jump into any interesting conversation. I am also a member of the Astar team. Dotsama has everything we need to build the future of blockchain - Defi? Check. NFT? Check. Talented Community? WagMedia!

Think Wild Crypto

I'm Elizabeth aka @ThinkWildCrypto, Content Marketing Director at PureStake. Create for Moonriver and Moonbeam. Education specialist looking for support content, especially around topics like DeFi. Found WagMedia while troubleshooting issues with grassroots content bounty initiatives. Would love to find some consistent reliable contributors (written, vid, and graphics) and build up some new influencers in the community. Looking forward to working with you!


Business Development and operation at Solarbeam.io, founding member and community building at ChaosDAO, RMRK Ambassador. I found my way into blockchain in 2018 and was instantly hooked 2 years ago by Polkadot/Kusama advanced tech and vision. Since then I dedicated myself to the community with main goal to educate and spread the knowledge I obtained in any way possible. The creation of Dotsama content like articles, threads or visual representations will help massively to the growth of our ecosystem and WagMedia's great initiative can support tremendously that cause.