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Interested in developing your brand? We know some people
Marketing yourself is difficult and finding your niche may take some time, but we are here to help. With funds from Bounty 12 from the Kusama Treasury, we have launched the WagMedia Marketing Initiative which focuses on helping creators further their brand on platforms like Twitter, YouTube and TikTok
Engagement with our outstanding marketers, LifeOfAMarketer and Punk, will not only yield some rewards, but help you progress in your journey to Tier 1 Creator
To get started, simply open up a thread in #brand development, post your vision and most recent work, and tag the marketing minds. The journey begins!
See the specific channels within the Marketing section at the top left of the image
The Marketing section of the discord server also has helpful tidbits from the entire community who are looking to help each other progress as much as possible. I mean, it's WagMedia, not MeMedia
Check out these wonderful pieces of advice in #marketing dojo or any of the trends channels and listen in to any of the marketing AMAs to learn more
Marketing AMA with JoboSama, creator of SamaSystems