WagMedia Wiki

The Lay of the Land

Now that you have an understanding of the different roles within the server, dive into how you can perform within those roles and contribute to our vision! We've reorganized a bit, so take some time to get familiar with the layout.

Main Sections and Channels

The expandables below detail the sections within WagMedia seen on the far left when navigating through the discord.
WagMedia Home
Here you will find the #Lounge-Royale where all the chit chat about Dotsama happenings occur. You will see developers, project leaders, prominent community members and more floating around here discussing the current state of Dotsama and, honestly, just having a good time.
There are also #Opinion threads, #Project-Announcements that shuttle in treasury announcements from their official channels, #Jobs-jobs-jobs and more
🗣 Marketing
No need to reiterate, check out the Marketing section to get a refresher
Directed by the man, the myth, the legend - Dodow
Here is where all the meat of the DotSama ecosystem will be. #general-news, #nft-meta-news, #defi-news and #governance-news are all posted here should focus on what is going on each and every day on the sprawling Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem
You can also post (or simply lurk) in the #events-watch channel to catch up on recordings of missed AMAs or catch wind of the next time your favorite project will go live or follow official announcements from treasuries involved with WagMedia through #project-announcements.
Remember we are incentivizing Dotsama connected stories.
As a lurker you will find WagMedia Weekly Update and should view this as a funnel of all the updates of in the Dotsama ecosystem
To understand quality posts and how to get the most incentive (read $KSM) for your efforts, please take another look at How to Participate
🎨 Creators
Directed by JB, Csaint and Pnin
Open up this channel to see all the beautiful content emerging from up and coming creators in the ecosystem.
Remember, this is for your own original content that has notbeen previously sponsored by another entity. We are in the business of truly helping people grow rather than farm rewards. We are always auditing and monitoring for any issues.
ANYWAY, be sure to drop your content in the appropriate channel depending on the type of content it is.

Main Channels

#general-content is any creations that are focused on general concepts, parachains, the relay chain, or anything that doesn't really fit into the other sections
#defi-content is focused on just that, DeFi. Write about the hottest APYs, the newest innovations or unique initiatives in the Decentralized Finance world
#nft-meta-content is all about the fun stuff that brought on the most recent bull run with NFTs and the Metaverse taking center stage. Let us know about the newest tech and what you think is next
#governance-content is all about the juicy governance takes Polkadot and Kusama are so well known for
To understand quality posts and how to get the most incentive (read $KSM) for your efforts, check out How to Participate

Writer's Room

This aspect of WagMedia has really taken off to help creators develop their writing skills in both thread and full-length article form. Rewards are given to those who post their articles for review and those who review said articles.
Directed by Pnin, the writing room aims to crowdsource analysis of drafts to help improve grammar, style, voice, and general focus of the author's chosen topic. We have received a ton of positive feedback about this initiative and it continues to grow with multiple articles pending evaluation on a daily basis
If desired, reach out to a director about getting the writer role and start developing your skills further today!

Director's Table

Also contained in this section, representatives from projects in the ecosystem can release bounties on content creation, finding information and even helping with specific projects. This is an opportunity to work closely with the projects you follow and contribute to their growth. Current projects represented include:
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  9. 12.
    Exosama and $POOP
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Building WagMedia
This section is dedicated to the odd-jobs that people may pick up along the way to help build out the vision of WagMedia and to help foster open discussion about the direction of the server!
The idea to complete this wiki was born in that very channel!
The channels listed above are great for finding and creating content, but WagMedia continues to foster other ways to earn by contributing to the ecosystem. One of the aspects we are most proud of is the Language channel which spreads Polkadot and Kusama information all across the globe.
Amazing growth of the Language channel over the past few months!
Crypto is international and incorporates many different languages, cultures and ideas. We fully understand this and desire to decentralize the story of Dotsama even more by translating popular content into languages that frequent the server.
The aim is to translate the highest impact content and to develop a full translation arm for Dotsama that includes written and dubbed translations
We started with German, Chinese and Spanish but have now progressed to 17 languages with more to come!