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How to Join

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    First you must enter the discord through this handy link
  2. 2.
    Our server uses a bot to verify your addresses and hand out rewards. Be sure to allow private messages to allow The Concierge to reach out and register your reward addresses.
    (Personal Settings > Privacy & Safety>Allow direct messages from server members) OR
    (Server Settings > Allow Direct Messages)
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    React with an emoji on the message in #🪤│front-desk.
  4. 4.
    The Concierge will DM you. Message him !wagmi and he offer you options for registering your address or Twitter handle.
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    Once you have been verified, introduce yourself in the #New-Here channel that will have magically appeared in the discord channel list.
#New-Here Channel
Introduce yourself clearly. It is helpful to use words that best describe your life purpose: Lurker, Finder, or Creator. If your life extends beyond these three primary roles, that information is also helpful (such as if you’re a developer in the ecosystem).
Assuming you aren’t a bot or an advanced AI reading this guide, you will be given a role (soon-ish) based on your introduction. New channels will appear for you based on your role, and your name will change to a fancy new color.
Remember that even if you are human, but you post particularly bot-like, then you may never gain access to the server and forever be lost in a quagmire of dubious information.