WagMedia Wiki

How to Participate

So you have a general idea of how the server works...now how to participate and earn rewards?
There are three main Participation roles: Lurkers, Finders and Creators.
If you’re a Lurker…do your thing. Click around, grab all the information, say nothing except at random and surprising moments, and try to make friends in a friendly way.
You can also upvote submissions from Finders and Creators with
. These posts will be shared on the official WagMedia Twitter after a certain number of upvotes. Engaged community members that contribute to good discussions and threads may be casually rewarded by Directors who wander the halls of WagMedia all hours of the day.
To elevate your role, simply post as if you were a Finder or Creator (see below)
If you are a Finder, copy-paste and screenshots are your weapons. Any time you find Dotsama information, news, or rumors screaming to be shared--be it from Twitter, other Discord channels, Medium, YouTube, or that dreaded Telegram--copypasta that thing and drop it in the relevant category.
Extra reward will be given to those who provide tl;dr or summaries. You play an important role in the content creation process, and can help Creators perform their role more efficiently.
Please check before dropping content that:
  • You are posting in the correct category. Prioritize the DeFi, NFT, and Governance channels if there is overlap with the General category, and use your best judgment otherwise.
  • The content has not been posted before and is "news". Usually, it just takes a short amount of scrolling or a quick discord search to be sure.
  • You cite your source, and you’ve given a basic description of your post or added some thoughts that can lead to discussion. Screenshots are also useful if your content is behind some kind of access-wall. All Finds need to be publicly accessible, however (Nothing from secret groups).
  • If the information is not from an official publication, mention that it is a rumor, and not official news. Rumours are not worth any less with supporting evidence.
Directors will determine fair payment for your contribution. Finders can earn anywhere from 0.01 - 0.1 $KSM or even more depending on Director discretion. The more effort that you put into your find–such as adding a TLDR, insightful thoughts, and interesting questions, the higher your reward.
If your find is deemed worthy by the community, members may react to it with the
, possibly elevating it to a Twitter post from the WagMedia Twitter account and earning an additional reward. You may upvote your own posts to get it started!
Creators may use WagMedia to share their content and gain massive global recognition for years to come™️. Content may be articles, videos, graphics, podcasts, and even twitter threads. If it is good and original content then we’re interested in supporting its creation and the refinement of your process.
Similar to Finders, it is important that you:
  • Post in the correct category, prioritizing DeFi, NFTs, and Governance categories above the General category.
  • Cite your sources, and only post self-generated work.
  • Give a brief description of your post. This is also your chance to proclaim just how much time and effort this took.
Community upvotes will help you be seen and rewarded, but Directors will comb through your content with a fine toothed…comb. From there, they will determine what kind of compensation to offer. This is based on their totally subjective expert opinions, however community engagement definitely sways even the most stone-eyed Director.
Compensation in KSM but attached to the price of $USD due to significant fluctuation in market conditions. The reward maxes are subject to change, but as of November 2022 the rewards are as follows:
Maximum Tier 1 Rates:
  • Threads - $600
  • Articles - $600
  • Interviews - $800
  • Videos - $1,000
If you create content that is specific to the bounty program of a participating treasury, have The Concierge send your post to their channel by reacting with the appropriate logo (
, etc.) if the content is relevant to these projects. Check the #Welcome channel to see a list of current directors and general bounties. Many treasuries have their own Channel in the Directors' Table Section.
We’re looking forward to emojifying your submissions!
It's important to reiterate that you are not locked into the role you join the server with. If you are lurker and want to start finding - do it! We will elevate your role.
Maybe you've been finding for long enough and want to begin creating some long-form content - go forth and prosper good ser!
Maybe content creation has been booming and you are interested in directing a channel - let us know!
We aim to create an open, decentralized, and free-flowing atmosphere where ideas are freely given and widely discussed.