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Content Creation Tiers

To incentivize further development of content creators, we have devised a tiered system of rewards
As mentioned in the Creators tab, the top tier rewards are as follows:
Tier 1 Rewards:
  • Threads - $600
  • Articles - $600
  • Interviews - $800
  • Videos - $1000
This level of compensation is for those that have reached the top tier in content creation and are ready to soon move to independent content creation outside of WagMedia. These individuals must show consistent dedication to creation of content with impeccable skills and continued growth
The journey to this level is riddle with constructive criticism as we help develop each creator's brand and skill.
Creators will start at Tier 3 which entitles them to 30% of the Tier one rewards which is automatically calculated by our friendly Concierge bot we discussed earlier. As creators show promise, Directors will upgrade them to Tier 2 where they receive 60% of Tier 1 rewards
To reiterate, Tier 1 is very difficult to accomplish and those that wish to get there must also engage with our marketing team in the #marketing-dojo who will help creators refine their brand with personalized plans. Those that work towards it can request evaluation for a Tier 1 level up!
Any questions about the Tier system? Jump in the discord and ask away in #any-questions?, we'll be happy to discuss.